ACES 2012 | New Orleans

Brain fried? ACES will refresh you

OK, this is not a brain. I wouldn’t put it past New Orleans to try that, but this is really the fried cauliflower at Domenica, a famous appetizer near our conference hotel. But I don’t mind telling you, after a busy winter at work and planning for this conference, this is what my brain feels like. Now’s the fun part: eating big fried cauliflower. NO! I mean, the ACES conference, where all of us are among friends (if you’re not now, you will be) and we can blow off a little steam — while removing some of the dead matter in our brain and replacing it with new knowledge from the myriad sessions of our conference and the experience of all the copy editors who will be attending. Whether you arrived Wednesday night, or earlier, or will be coming Thursday morning or later during the conference, we on the ACES board are glad and excited. This is going to be great. That’s what my cauliflower tells me.

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