ACES 2012 | New Orleans

Conference FAQs

Are you an ACES conference newcomer? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the event. (And there just might be something here for ACES vets, too.)

What does the registration fee cover?
If you register for the full conference, the fee covers all three days of sessions, plus the reception Thursday night and the banquet Friday night.

Are all the events at the hotel?
Yes, all conference events are at the hotel. But you’ll want to explore some of the history, sights and fantastic food New Orleans has to offer. Also, the French Quarter Festival will be going on the weekend of the conference, so you can enjoy some music and food after the conference sessions or if you’re staying over on Sunday.

I’m not a copy editor at a newspaper. Is there something for me at ACES?
Yes! Conference attendees are editors from all sorts of fields– business, nonprofits, government, universities, book publishers, as well as freelancers who work across fields. The sessions reflect topics of interest to editors in various industries, plus we always have some sessions that focus on the basics of editing so anyone can brush up their skills.

Do I have to sign up for sessions in advance?
Most sessions are open; the ones that need advance signup will be marked in the program and noted at registration.

I’m coming by myself and don’t know anyone. Will I be able to fit in?
Absolutely. One thing almost everyone who comes to an ACES conference notes is how nice the people are. If you love words and editing, there are hundreds of people like you at ACES — you won’t lack for conversation. People have formed longtime friendships through ACES, and each year there’s a new mix of people.

What should I bring to wear?
Most conference attendees wear what they would wear to work — and copy editors are not a formal bunch. This is not the kind of conference where everyone’s in suits and ties and pantyhose and heels, although some people dress up a little for the banquet. The average high temperature for mid-April in New Orleans is 78, but hotel meeting rooms sometimes get a bit chilly, so you may want to bring a jacket or sweater.

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