ACES 2012 | New Orleans

In praise of ACES’ student volunteers

I’m always interested in meeting as many student members of ACES as I can at every national conference. Interacting with the student members is not only fun, but it gives me a lot of hope about the future of the copy editing profession.

ACES has always acknowledged the value of educating future copy editors, especially through the Education Fund, which provides scholarships to some very deserving students.

I also have worked for the past several years with the ACES internship program, where the organization gives one or two students a school year the chance to earn a little money and work with some of the leaders in the copy editing industry. This year, we have two great interns from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mekita Rivas and Danea Lenz.

This year I’ve been especially impressed with the students I’ve met at the conference. Two groups of students — from Nebraska and from Grambling State University — worked hard Friday night to help make the ACES silent auction a success.

To see the students stepping up to volunteer for the organization is really exciting. I hope we can keep all of them as members and that they continue to support the copy editing profession.

— By Gerri Berendzen


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