ACES 2012 | New Orleans

Pajamas’ headlines say you donated $12,000

Here’s another reason you all are amazing: ACES conference goers donated about $11,700 to scholarships for budding copy editors over the three days last week. And another $448 was raised in the raffle for ACES the parent organization.

The single item that got the most attention in the fundraising were ACES Education Fund board member Rich Holden’s newspaper pajamas, now an annual auction ritual at the Friday-night banquet. As Rich was unable to attend the conference, Kath Connolly, daughter of Bill Connolly, sported the pajamas for the live bidding. Kath’s modeling proved effective: The pajamas drew $825 (from Chris Grimm of Tansa), nearly three times what they’ve ever drawn before. Merrill Perlman later sported a newspaper top herself, drawing another $325.

But donations from forms placed on the banquet tables and from elsewhere at the conference brought in the largest share of the proceeds: $5,725. The other auction — the silent auction full of New Orleans-themed and other goodies — yielded about $3,200, exceeding last year’s total. Leslie Guevarra got the auction meticulously organized and found the stuff that by Friday night was nearly all snatched up.

In what’s becoming the annual Wednesday night fundraiser — this year in the form of a walking tour of New Orleans — $1,650 was raised, by far the most from a Wednesday-night event.

Finally, the raffle for a Motorola Xoom tablet and a Wiley Miller Non Sequitur comic strip brought in $448 for ACES, now itself a 501(c)3 organization.

This kind of generosity from the ACES membership, year after year, has helped the ACES Education Fund become self-sustaining, faster than we had imagined it would, and still growing. We on the Education Fund board, in fact, can seriously start thinking about how we can expand the scholarship program. But first we salute you and thank you. How heartwarming it is to see such kindness and dedication to the future of our craft.


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