ACES 2012 | New Orleans

The people who were happy to help

The couple in the picture here are Rebecca and Richard Dyer, two of the many people we were fortunate to have helping us as volunteers. Look at them. They’re so happy. No, I mean they really are. They’re not just doing this for the camera; they’re always like this. They are, after all, from Arizona, and I learned from our Phoenix conference last year that Arizonans are quite a happy lot. 

This year, Rebecca and Richard helped make New Orleans the Big Easy for us, most notably by taking care of the boxes we must ship around the country for the traveling ACES road show — boxes of the merchandise we sell and of the little pieces of equipment and adornments. It’s such a chore (and expense), so much so that we’ve tried to minimize the shipments more and more each year, but we wind up with them nevertheless. This year the Dyers helped us out by packing them up pretty much the minute the closing session was over, loading them into their truck, and whisking them away, getting them ready on their next journey — to St. Louis.

They’re not the only ones who helped. Claire Gamble found out about ACES and jumped in to help at the registration and merchandise tables. Also are on our volunteer list were Kate Karp of Teacher Created Materials/School News Roll Call, Maria Hench of DePaul University, Costco proofreader Shana McNally, Elizabeth Clark of Texas State University, and Katherine Hart of the Times-Picayune.

And let’s not forget the college students helping us, and those from the Baton Rouge Advocate. Forgive me for not naming every volunteer who helped us, but it is really is hard to keep track of them all — which speaks again to our members’ (and some nonmembers’) dedication to ACES. Thank you all so much!

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