ACES 2012 | New Orleans


Most of the presenters at this year’s conference have attended ACES conferences and been a part of our sessions for several years – some since the society’s inception. We evaluate each session to make sure we’re giving you the best training and discussions year after year, and we ask many of our past speakers to return because of the positive responses participants give in our annual survey.

Opportunities for interactivity

Our presentations aren’t lectures that may put you to sleep or leave you wanting more. Most of our speakers are “in the trenches” and aim to keep conversations interactive so participants can get the training that they want and need. And we feature professors from some of the nation’s best colleges and universities – teachers who will bring the best of the classroom to you. Some of our presentations are discussion panels, too, giving attendees the opportunity to share their stories, ideas and tricks for getting the job done.

Beyond the sessions

Because nearly every presenter is a conference attendee, everyone has an opportunity to talk outside the meeting rooms and build new connections and lasting friendships. One of the most frequent comments sounds something like, “I’m surprised by how presenters are so easily approachable.” That’s because they are just like you: copy editors.

How speakers are selected

Speakers are selected by the society’s national board and organized by President Teresa Schmedding and Vice President of Conferences Lisa McLendon. Every speaker donates his or her time and expertise to ACES; the society does not pay speaking fees. We also try to avoid any presentations that will be self-promotional or promote a specific product. Unlike some journalism events, ACES does not offer opportunities for presentations that do not fit into the main theme of the conference – copy editing. This policy makes it clear to our participants that editing training is our primary goal.

Interested in presenting?

Drop a line to Lisa McLendon at for details on how you can get involved.