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The following links are provided to those in New Orleans, as well as those who could not attend this year’s conference, as a service of the society and of the authors who are sharing their presentation handouts. Sharing material is at the presenters’ discretion — if a handout is not listed below, please contact the presenter (not ACES) to encourage them to share it. While this material is available freely to you, you may not re-use these materials, in any form, without consent of ACES and the authors. For more information, read our Terms of Use.

Headline Contest Winners
Niko Dugan, ACES contest chairman
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Download handout book
859-page PDF includes all materials below (20.8 Mb)

Alternative Story Forms and How to Get Them into Your Paper
Rob Schneider, Dallas Morning News; Josh Crutchmer, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Download one-page tipsheet (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

2011: The Year in Design
Josh Crutchmer, Minneapolis Star Tribune; Rob Schneider, Dallas Morning News
Download one-page tipsheet (PDF, 1.7Mb)

Dealing with (Non)Writers
Karen Martwick, Travel Portland; Tess Ahern and Katie Schwing, HDR; Shanxi Upsdell Omoniyi, Christian Foundation for Children and Aging
Download one-page tipsheet (PDF, 57Kb)

B-52’s and Boot Camp: Editing Military Coverage
Defense Information School’s Renee Petrina, Jared Marquis, Amy Gunnerson, Sarah Hood
Download 30-page American Forces Press Services’ AP stylebook supplement (PDF, 258Kb)

A Keen Eye for Graphics
Bill Cloud, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Download 50-page presentation and examples of “bad graphics” (PDF, 4.6 Mb)

Copy Editors as Curators
Gerri Berendzen, Quincy Herald-Whig; Sue Bullard, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Carla Correa, Washington Post
Download 52-page linking presentation and interactive timeline presentation (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

The Power of Proofreading
Sherrie Voss Matthews, John Braun and Sherri Hildebrandt
Download 89-page presentation (PDF, 2.8 Mb)

Copy Editors to Multiplatform Editors
Teresa Schmedding, Daily Herald; Michael Roehrman, The Wichita Eagle
Download 17-page presentation (PDF, 2.1 Mb)

Reviving Singular “They”: Contemporary Usage of Gender-Neutral Pronouns
Sandra Schaefer, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Download 48-page presentation (PDF, 3.2 Mb)

How Do I Get There? Copy Editing Beyond the Newsroom
Doug Ward, University of Kansas; Christine Steele, The Capital Group; Michelle Moriarity Witt, Red Ventures; Regina McDowell, Department of Defense
Download 5-page handout (PDF, 1,008 Kb [0.98Mb])

Triage for Editors
Nick Jungman, Wichita Business Journal
Download 24-page presentation (PDF, 16 Mb)

Surviving a Redesign
Sherrie Voss Matthews, David Brindley, Greg Matthews
Download 33-page presentation with ISU case study and proposal request (PDF, 2.2 Mb)

Writing for SEO, Writing for Social Media
Frank Russell, University of Missouri
Download 43-page handout with links (PDF, 29 Kb)

Missourian Transition Follow-up
Maggie Walter and Frank Russell, University of Missouri
Download 40-page handout with links (PDF, 774 Kb)

Freelance Editors’ Forum
Mark Allen, Erin Brenner and Sherri Hildebrandt
Download 5-page handout with links (PDF, 340 Kb)

Tiny Acts of Elegance: Editing Like a Writer
Bill Walsh, The Washington Post
Download 96-page presentation (PDF, 2 Mb)

How to Learn a Style Guide in 10 Days
Colleen Barry, IDG Enterprise
Download 19-page presentation (PDF, 152 Kb)

Math is Everywhere!
Neil Holdway, Daily Herald
Download 146-page handout, presentation and clipping (PDF, 492 Kb)

B.S. Detection for Digital Content
Craig Silverman, Poynter Institute
Download 30-page presentation (PDF, 398 Kb)

Online News Editing: What Works
John Russial, University of Oregon; Paula Devlin, The Times-Picayune; Henry Fuhrmann, Los Angeles Times; Carla Correa, Washington Post; ; Ken Duhe, The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.); Chris Frisella, The Register-Guard (Eugene. Ore.)
Download Paula Devlin’s remarks (PDF, 11 Kb)

Nuts and Bolts Punctuation
Lisa McLendon, The Wichita Eagle
Download 4-page handout and worksheet (PDF, 154.4 Kb)

Editing Study Update
Fred Vultee, Wayne State University
Download 29-page presentation (PDF, 176 Kb)

Making sense of “study says”
Fred Vultee, Wayne State University
Download 38-page presentation (PDF 265 Kb)

Avoiding Burnout
Becca Dyer, Arizona Republic; Rick Dyer, Independent Newspapers
Download 1-page handout (49 Kb) 

Editing Maps and Graphics
David Brindley, National Geographic
Download 10-page presentation and handout (880 Kb) 

Financial Editing: The Words you Choose
Christine Steele, Capital Group
Download 7-page handout (51 Kb) 

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